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You can receive treatment in a private room

We do body esthetics (massage) and personal color diagnosis in Motomachi, so please visit us if you want to pursue your own beauty and health. We take pride as a community, and will respond seriously to each consultation. We are working to improve your skills every day so that we can produce results that will delight your customers. If you have any concerns about body care style, please feel free to contact us.
It is used by a wide range of women and men and offers advice on self-care. Please contact Prana to meet your needs.


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You can try a high-quality body care menu


Please contact us if you are aiming to be beautiful and healthy

Incorporates a special massage menu called Cell Smooth 60 (CS60)

  • Impressions of CS60


    It is a common impression of customers who receive CS60 treatment!

    I go to various manipulative treatments, but the lightness of the body after CS60 is completely different.

    I can feel my head again, so this feels good again. ︎

    You're usually busy and thinking

    Let's pull out the accumulated scum!

    For reservations after 19:00, please feel free to contact us by phone.

    [TEL] 045-264-6647

    At the end of your work, please relax and return home.

  • Otitis media improved


    My ears continued to be boring even before my overseas business trip, but after getting on the plane, my condition became even worse and I was consulted by an otolaryngologist

    I was diagnosed with otitis media with effusion. After that, I went to the hospital for about two months, but did not improve at all, and received a CS60 treatment by referring a friend.

    At first, pain gradually came out from the back of the ear, and the sensation of water entering the ear in the pool gradually faded.

    At the third treatment, I felt like the back of my ears was open and I was completely back.

    What did not heal even if I went to the doctor for two months is improved in three times and I am surprised. It was helpful.


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Located about 3 minutes on foot from the nearest station


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402, La Spiga 402, Motomachi Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

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10:00 〜 19:00

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The beauty salon in Motomachi is a private salon dedicated to women, so you can use it for the first time with confidence. Our highly skilled staff will be close to each customer and ask about your concerns and demands. If you are looking for a salon that offers a wide range of total beauty treatments, please consider using it.

About us

Please contact us if you are looking for beauty treatment (massage) in the Motomachi area

It is known as a community-based beauty salon (massage) salon in Motomachi

We have devised a highly satisfying beauty menu that is close to the feelings of customers who want to remain beautiful at any age. Inquiries from a wide range of customers, from students to housewives, have been received in order to receive high-quality treatment at a reasonable price. We will accept individual requests aiming to be a reliable salon in the area, so please consult us when you want to become a yearning style or care for your whole body by a special day.
We also conduct personal color diagnosis that allows you to know what kind of clothes look good and what color make-up makes you feel gorgeous. Because it tells you the techniques that you can practice immediately, it is recommended for customers who want to get a solid impression as soon as possible. Because it is a private salon, you can enjoy treatment and diagnosis slowly without worrying about the eyes of other customers. Customers who are looking for a total beauty salon that can consult anything, as it will be a friend of many women and support the beauty life, please contact us.

If you are going to receive an esthetic (massage), try the Prana treatment in Motomachi

We operate a cozy total beauty salon, so you can use it as a place to relieve your fatigue on a day off or to change your mind after work. First of all, by counseling firmly, we will understand what the customer is currently suffering from and introduce the best treatment menu. For customers who want to change their appearance immediately, we recommend personal color diagnosis that makes it easy to find the color that suits them, and lymphatic care for customers who want to reduce accumulated fatigue. Properly stimulated lymphatic care can be effective for various symptoms including stiff shoulders and swelling of the feet, so please feel free to try it out.
To allow a treatment that can be customers to smile, we are learning about the latest knowledge and technology. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and help you enjoy your beauty life even more. We will endeavor to create a nice space where you can relax both physically and mentally, so please use it when you want to maintain your body and take care of important days.